My power has cut off. What do I do?

Check your metre box to see if any switches are off, swtich them back on and if it trips again after attempting this, contact an electrician as soon as possible.

How can I save money on my power bill?

1. If you have any old lighting in your home, your best option is to upgrade to LED which will cut over half the power usage as a normal halogen light and will provide better quality lighting in your home.

2. Install ceiling fans. It gets hot in summer and leaving the air conditioning running all night will add to your power bill extravagantly! Having ceiling fans will allow you to sleep comfortably by keeping your room cool and breezy.

How do I keep me and my family safe from any electrical issues in my home?

Be sure to have your main switchboard upgraded and have an RCD (Residual Current Device) to every power and light circuit. The RCD is designed to save lives by monitoring power flow ensuring there is no leakage of power. This is different to a normal circuit breaker which is designed to protect the electrical wiring only in your home.

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